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Handmade Objects with Presence.

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I make handcrafted items out of solid materials. Quality belongings that will last a lifetime and look great while doing so. The kind of item that commands attention, be it through its design, its function, or the weight of its materials. 

My items include unique furniture, knives, bowls, tools and more. I use wood, steel, concrete, leather, and other durable materials with similar simple beauty. Take a look below for a sample of previous work.

I am happy to try to fill almost any custom order, and can work with you to design to your needs. If there is something you want, we can make it.

-Nathaniel Stein

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Home: Furniture

A collection of some of my furniture and larger projects. I tend towards simple forms with clean lines, and try to keep the focus on the materials themselves, but I like a little bit of natural edge, small inlay, or a bit of fun joinery to break up a face or an edge with a little bit of play.  I prefer working with imperfect wood with a little bit of character, working around or embracing splits and knots and incorporating them into the design of the piece. I am influenced by the idea of wabi-sabi,  as well as mid-century, Scandinavian, Shaker, and brutalist designs.

I'd love to work with you to bring your project from an idea into your home.

Click any image to go to the furniture gallery.

Home: Knives

I make carbon steel knives.

I try to design them to be both a highly functional tool and also a beautiful, personal item. Each knife is taken from raw steel and wood, shaped, profiled, ground, polished and sharpened by me. I frequently etch each blade with images or textures to make the knives truly unique. Gift boxes, wood and leather blade guards are also available.

Most knives are custom orders, but if you see a knife you like in the gallery, get in touch and I can make you your own version.

Click any picture to see more work.

Small Items

Mostly bowls and boards, but also a place for anything smaller than a breadbox. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and so many of these items are focused around food and practical function. Sometimes when the wood has a few too many holes in it to be a working bowl, and its too pretty to fill, it becomes an art object instead, and that's OK too. One of my favorite parts about making items from wood is the level of detail in the surface that you just get for free. Its a good bowl if it makes you want to pick it up and turn it around looking for the best angle, or the most interesting spot in the grain.